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we offer moving services, packing, unpacking and storage options


“4 stars for Apple! These guys really went above and beyond my expectations. The moving team worked quickly with a smile on their face. Every interaction we had with this company was very positive and easy. Moving can be so stressful and it was wonderful to see how hiring the right professionals really makes a world of difference.

Jason Miller, New Jersey

“Apple Van Lines moved my family and we made a fantastic choice! From beginning to end they were accommodating and professional. All of the employees are very good and our delivery arrived in less than a week. Overall we were very happy with them.

Elizabeth Atkinston, Los Angeles

“I highly recommend this company. The price is fair, the delivery was fast, and the employees were all very on top of their game. Apple really stands out from the competition as an honest company that is committed to providing a good service to their customers.

Andy Bernard, Pennsylvania


Common questions and answers

Do you offer packing services?

Apple Movers are not only trained in loading trucks, they are professional packers as well. We can pack your entire home from top to bottom using top quality wardrobe boxes, dish packs, sofa wraps, crates, and special fragile packing. Most of our customers opt to use our premium packing services.

Is my quote based on weight or volume?

Over the years Apple Van Lines has learned that the best and most accurate way to quote moves over the phone is by volume. Weight quotes are non-binding and often change after your items have been loaded and taken to a weigh station. At that point if your price goes up its too late to cancel! Instead by estimating volume we find that our initial estimates are more accurate, for example, I can tell you for sure that a 18x18x16 Box is 3 cubic feet, but I don’t know what’s in the box so I can only guess at how much it weighs. We can also tell you upfront before we load the truck the final quote and no changes are made after we drive away. This leads to happier customers and honest, upfront business practices.

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

We are moving hundreds of shipments all over the country at any given time, which is why our logistics department is always hard at work to make sure we continue to run a smooth operation. We always place your shipment on the quickest route to your destination. The shipping times differ based on each specific move and the distance it needs to travel. There are many factors that can effect a shipment such as weather conditions, traffic, and unforeseen events. Your relocation specialist will be able to give you an estimated window for arrival and will ask you for your preferred date of delivery. While the shipment is in progress you can call in at any time to get an update on the status and a more precise ETA. When your delivery is close by our logistics department will contact you to set up a delivery time that suits you. We can also offer guaranteed delivery dates for an additional fee.

What if I’m not ready to accept my shipment?

We offer FREE storage with every move for up to 35 days!!! Our storage facilities are secure and climate controlled and can be extended to long term storage if necessary. Just give us your first available date for delivery and we will make sure your belongings reach you after you are ready for them.

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